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Thrift Shop w/Chit Chat

  • Urban Harvest Brewing Company 1024 S. 5th Street Milwaukee, WI 53204 (map)
Thrift Shop w/Chit Chat - Saturday, June 1, 2019 @ 7:30pm
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Ampersand Theater Company is proud to present its House Tina Team THRIFT SHOP (Shannon Cassells, Fredrick James Dakin III, Ryan Dembiec, Pat Dwyer, Jasmine Gonzalez, Ian Gunther, Joe Francisco, Kimberly Magsig, Tony Mayer, Neal Steeno, and Tom Stadler) in its FIRST headlining show.

What treasures will they discover this time?

You’ll also see longform improv from CHIT CHAT (Taylor Burzynski, Brittney Rae, Patrick Guiney, Sam Hanson, Sean Keith, Renee Ann, Luke Summers, and Jonathan Wachala), who weave an audience suggestion into an honest discussion about their personal experiences of life and love (sometimes TOO honest!).

It all takes place at Urban Harvest Brewing Company, where they brew hand-crafted ales in small batches several times a week. This creates a versatile line-up of beers to choose from, as well as adventurous seasonal and specialty brews.

Enjoy a pint or two before, during and after the show!