Rich Talarico: Improv For Actors - Saturday, August 24, 2019, 10AM - 1PM

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Rich Talarico: Improv For Actors - Saturday, August 24, 2019, 10AM - 1PM


Ampersand Theater Company is thrilled to present a one-of-a-kind opportunity for actors to learn from Veteran writer and improviser Rich Talarico (Key & Peele, MADtv, Saturday Night Live).

Join Rich as he explores the 6 Questions of Story-Telling -- WHO (point-of-view), WHERE (object work), WHAT (games or playable dynamics), HOW+WHY (the gift givers), and WHEN (cutting to new scenes or dealing with TIME) -- and explains the improviser's approach to discovering these elements in the moment.

This 3-hour workshop is specially geared towards stage actors, with or without prior improv experience.

Rich Talarico is an Emmy-nominated and Peabody Award-winning writer and producer known for his work on Comedy Central’s Key & Peele, FOX’s MADtv, and NBC’s Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Rich took his first improv class from Stephen Colbert at Chicago’s The Second City back in the 1900s. He went on to tour with Second City’s National Touring Company and later co-created five original sketch revues with the etc., and Main Stage Companies.

Rich was also involved at iO Chicago under the direction of Charna Halpern and the late Del Close, where he co-created the long-form improv show Dasariski, and played with the early casts of The Armando Diaz Experience,” Chicago’s longest-running improv show.

Rich has appeared in a number of TV commercials, most notably A&W RootBeer's “Mr. Dumass.” He has also appeared in small roles on SNL, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Early Edition, and the feature film High Fidelity, starring John Cusak. Rich runs comedy writing and improv comedy work-shops in Los Angeles and around the US. Learn more at

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