At Ampersand Theater Company, we want everyone to perform their best, whether that’s at lessons or rehearsals, on stage, or in the community. To that end, we have established the following guidelines for everyone we work with, to help ensure a safe and supportive environment for all.


• Arrive on time and ready to work
• Maintain regular attendance; notify us about absences ahead of time
• Be supportive of others
• Help maintain a safe, fun, and positive atmosphere


Refrain from being under the influence of anything that may prevent you from performing at your peak, whether that’s alcohol or drugs, negativity, or just a hectic schedule. To be at your best, we need you at your best — and it’s always okay to take a break if you’re not 100%.


We all must be more mindful of others and avoid engaging in words or actions which have the potential to harm. Play to the height of your intelligence.


Ampersand Theater Company will not, under any circumstances, condone or tolerate conduct which may constitute harassment.

If you experience a questionable incident (sexual or otherwise) with anyone associated with Ampersand Theater Company or within the Milwaukee comedy community in general, please bring it to our attention immediately. We take these incidents seriously.

Trust is the foundation of all improv, and it can be difficult to play your best with someone who has made you uncomfortable. We will work to address the issue immediately to ensure the safety and comfort of the community at large.

Report an incident anonymously at 414.797.3036, or use the form below.

Date of Incident *
Date of Incident

If you require additional resources (such as reporting a crime, counseling, legal aid, or an order of protection), we recommend contacting your local authorities, or groups such as the Milwaukee Women's CenterRAINN, the YWCA, or Planned Parenthood.

We've got your back.